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What isn’t technology?

After reading and thinking (and dreaming!) about the definition of technology, I have come up with this:

Technology is tools, skills and techniques that we use to control and shape our environment.

Which leads me to two questions:

  1. Obviously writing is technology, but is language itself also  technology?
  2. Is there anything that isn’t technology?

That is as far as I can get on my own. I now look forward to entering into the debate.

 Dilip Verma

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1 Michael Haworth { 09.15.09 at 6:38 pm }

Hi Dilip,

Interesting points that you raise here. I would agree that language is a technology too – it is a way to control and shape our environment – we do not come out of the womb knowing how to use language – we learn it – it is a human construct.

Is there anything that is not technology is another good question – things that are created by nature might not be technology and anything human-made is technology.

Just a thought…


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