The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing

Module 1/Weblog reflections

This module has been a great introduction to the changing world of text and technology. I have been struck by all the different types of images that we (as a class) were able to find on Flick.r and how they all seemed to relate to technology and its impact on writing and literacy.

I like the collective space and can see how this experience will help when I introduce blogging to my students in the future. That being said, I  like being able to post my musings to the forum within the Vista platform. I find it’s much easier to read and respond to others.

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1 Hosein Moeini { 09.17.09 at 11:14 pm }

Being new to Canada and coming from a different culture, let me confess that I really liked this module and the collective space. I should learn a lot from my colleagues in this course this semester. I’m sure that I’ll also read these postings in the future again and again! Wish we could also meet and talk while having coffee, tea,…

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