Technology from a Kid’s Point of View!

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As a K-6 educator, I am curious about the meaning of technology to children.  Many teachers are the aware the significance of pre-assessment.  When I learn about where my students are at with regards to technology, I gain a better understanding about how to teach them technology.  In my everyday personal experience I have learned that there are various definitions for technology in a classroom. However, from this clip, it is apparent that this particular ten year old understands technology to be change.  As we have read in our readings, Postman (1992) mentions how technology is change. He explains how we cannot avoid this change and that every single individual needs to deal with technology.  I definitely agree with this.  Technology does create change.  Even at a young age students are able to articulate this important concept. 



Postman, N. (1992). Technopoly: The surrender of culture to technology. New York, NY: New York

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I am PhD student in the department of Language and Literacy Education. My research interests are how technology can be used to teach English as a Second Language students.
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