Ryosuke Suzuki – Introduction

The Reader

I chose this picture because it portrays the contrast between the past and future. All the books on the shelf behind the boy can be downloaded and read on a small device the boy is holding today. Printed books may not be obsolete for a while, but more and more people will read books on small devices. The person who submitted this picture said he drew this picture on a iPad using the Brushes application by the way.

I am very late to join you, but here is my intro.

Hello. My name is Ryosuke Suzuki. I am currently living in Shizuoka, Japan. I work as an English/Japanese interpreter/translator/tutor. I used to teach Japanese and World History in Washington state. This is my second year in the MET program. I am taking my 7th and 8th courses this term.

I am very excited to working with you all.


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