Ryosuke Suzuki – Introduction

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I chose this picture because it portrays the contrast between the past and future. All the books on the shelf behind the boy can be downloaded and read on a small device the boy is holding today. Printed books may not be obsolete for a while, but more and more people will read books on small devices. The person who submitted this picture said he drew this picture on a iPad using the Brushes application by the way.

I am very late to join you, but here is my intro.

Hello. My name is Ryosuke Suzuki. I am currently living in Shizuoka, Japan. I work as an English/Japanese interpreter/translator/tutor. I used to teach Japanese and World History in Washington state. This is my second year in the MET program. I am taking my 7th and 8th courses this term.

I am very excited to working with you all.


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4 Responses to Ryosuke Suzuki – Introduction

  1. Iris Chan says:

    It’s funny that you mention the IPad. I am currently located in Beijing and people are lining up to purchase this new gadget from Apple. The way it is changing how people read, interact and play through a touch screen is very interesting to observe.

  2. rsuzuki says:

    I saw the news about people lining up to purchase an iPad in China! As you said, it would be interesting to observe how devices like iPad would change how we read. I would love to see how people would be using an iPad in, say, 5 years. Is it a trend to have it, or a necessary tool in our lives?

  3. Brian Farrell says:

    Hi Ryosuke! We’re almost neighbours – I live and work in Yokohama, so not too far away. Are you from Shizuoka originally, or have you moved there for work?

    Looking forward to working with you this semester.


    • rsuzuki says:

      Hello, Brian. You live and work in Yokohama. That’s wonderful! What do you do there? I am originally from Shizuoka. I got my K-12 education in Shzuoka. I went to the US for my college education. I got a teaching job in the US after graduating from college. My working visa in the US expired last year, so I came back to Shizuoka after living in the US for 11 years. It has been over a year since I came back to Japan. How long have you been living in Japan? Great to have a classmate in Japan!


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