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A Universal, Virtual Library – Coming Soon?

Humans have always felt a need to record and preserve information for later access. Tracing back to Mesopotamia, libraries have functioned to collect, organize, and retain the writing of a culture. As we step further into the digital future, not … Continue reading

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Text and Technology

As a Language Arts teacher, and a person loves to geek it up with the curriculum, I instantly think of the ridiculous wording of the LA curriculum. It is a thing of beauty. It seems that the curriculum associated with … Continue reading

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Evolution of text, technology, and us

During the readings and posts this past week, I was reminded of a great video from several years ago by Pearl Jam, called “Do the Evolution”. The video is a great animated history of the world and society, and is pretty … Continue reading

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Technology – Perpetual Change

In our readings, O’Donnell and Engell stresses that we should use technology as a learning tool. When I think of technology, it centralizes on the idea of “Control”. Who is controlling who? Are we that reliant on technology that it … Continue reading

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Inventing the Wheel

This cartoon captures Thamus’ judgement quite aptly – it demonstrates the inherent risks of developing new technologies. In keeping with Freud’s commentary on technology quoted from Civilization and Its Discontents from the Postman reading last week, the invention of the … Continue reading

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Technology – Text’s Transformer and Transmitter

Technology, text’s transformer and transmitter, is altering the world we live in by using new mediums by which texts, “socially contextual symbols”, are delivered. Technology has existed since ancient time, but it can almost be considered a ‘novelty’ in the … Continue reading

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Running an Empire

“When my son, James, was doing homework for school, he would have five or six windows open on his computer, Instant Messenger was flashing continuously, his cell phone was constantly ringing, and he was downloading music and watching the TV … Continue reading

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New Technology

As I sit here to create a post regarding my definition of technology I began to think that just last night in one of my posts for ETEC 511 I was discussing a topic very similar to the one we … Continue reading

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Novel Writing… Live!

[youtube][/youtube] I was holding off for some sort of e-divine inspiration to strike me so that I could make my post on technology. It didn’t really happen, but this is what came to me in the last day: I was … Continue reading

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Technology – We Only Fear Living Without It

Postman’s article really resonated with my day to day reality, as I have recently come to realize how we can be either masters or slaves of technology.  Reading his interpretation of technology and its effects, I realized how readily I … Continue reading

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