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Countdown: 14 days!

Holy banana butts you guys, school starts in exactly two weeks today! I don’t know if you guys are excited as I am, but ooooohhhhh man am I excited.

Yes, I teared up when I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend til Thanksgiving, but now that I’m back on campus I remember exactly how much I love this place.  I can’t believe how much construction there is (it seems like there’s more than last spring, if that’s even possible), but it looks like they left the knoll by the SUB and the beginnings of the New SUB! I’m so excited about that because it’s one of my favourite landmarks at UBC and I thought it would be flattened down by construction. It’s a little hairy cuz it hasn’t been mown in a while, but it’s still the same old knoll :)

I started moving into my new place yesterday, and has it ever been hectic. Cleaning, setting up internet, cleaning, getting things delievered, cleaning, talking to the caretaker, more cleaning. Did I mention cleaning? Also I won’t have any furniture until next Friday, so it’s been fun eating breakfast sitting on the floor against the wall in the kitchen. My mom took a picture, she thought it was so funny. Maybe I’ll upload it later.

I hope you all are as excited as I am! Now, more cleaning!

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What to Bring to Residence

Move-in day is fast approaching (it’s September 1st this year) and the question remains: what should you bring with you to your dorm room? How much space are you going to have, exactly? Well sit back friend, and let this ex-resident tell you a few things you might want to consider.

  • Check the list that UBC made. Student Housing & Hospitality Services has already made a packing list for you, and it’s a pretty good place to start. You can find it here.
  • Twin XL sheets. UBC dorms have extra-long beds, so make sure you bring the right size of sheets! If you bring just regular twin size sheets you’re gonna run into problems.
  • Computer and security lock. I didn’t have any issues with theft, but having a security cable for your expensive new laptop is always a good idea.
  • Printer.  If you can get one cheap, having a printer is going to be mega-useful for you. Print at your leisure, for cheaper, and without the hassle of figuring out the library system and copy-cards. (That said, if you do have to use the library, the librarians can help you!)
  • Ethernet cord! Without it you won’t have internet.  Some people also like to bring wireless routers so they don’t have to be plugged in all the time, and you can take your laptop into your floor lounge.
  • Photos and posters. When you first arrive, your room is bare. This’ll make it feel more yours and keep the homesickness at bay.
  • Clothes. Obviously.  Just make sure you don’t bring, like, an entire department store with you.  Your room has quite a lot of storage space, but just don’t over do it. You can leave most of your summer stuff at home, but do bring a few pieces of warm weather clothing – September can be very warm. And bring a swimsuit – you get free entry to the pool!
  • Rain gear. Rain boots are a must – walking around the huge campus with soggy feet is not fun.  I managed to get through the year without a proper rain jacket, but make sure you at least have something that’s water-resistant. Umbrellas are good at times, but if you get one make sure it’s sturdy, because it can get veeeery windy. I recommend the brand Totes.
  • A good pair of walking shoes. Going to school at UBC means you are going to be walking. A lot. Like seriously, it is a HUGE campus! Get a good, comfy pair of shoes to walk in, and try to break them in before you get here. (Lesson learned the hard way on my part.)
  • Bathrobe. Some people are brave enough to dash to the bathroom in a towel, but I’m sure not.  A bathrobe keeps you comfy and cozy.
  • Shower flip-flops.  The bathrooms are typically pretty clean, but no one likes that just-showered-in feel on their feet.  A shower tote is also good so you can carry all you soaps and shampoos to the bathroom easily.
  • Drying rack. Let’s face it, the dryers in some residences aren’t the best. A drying rack will save you some money (and energy, too!).
  • Advil and Tums. No one feels good all the time, and when you’re in res, your mom isn’t there to look after you. Having Advil and Tums on hand will be so much better than having to run to shoppers when you feel crappy.

What not to bring:

  • Microwave. You’re not allowed to have one in your room, and there’s a shared one on your floor anyway.
  • Mini-fridge. I personally would recommend against it; you have a shared fridge on your floor anyway, they take up a lot of space, and they cost money. I definitely lived happily without one. That said, if you still want one, you can buy or rent one on move-in day.
  • Pets. Again, not allowed, sorry.

Got more questions? Leave them in comments and I’ll get back to you.


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Hi there!  My name is Samantha, and I will be part of your first year blog squad this year.  I am from Winnipeg, MB and I study music.  (I play the harp, and no, I didn’t have to bring my own.)

I drove all the way from Winnipeg to get here, so after three days of driving it’s nice to not be sitting in a car all day.  The drive out was tons of fun too, though.  We stopped off in Moose Jaw and stayed in an adorable bed & breakfast – the building was 103 years old!  There was a thunderstorm that night too, and I love a good prairie thunderstorm.  We made a detour to Lake Louise too, and at this time of year the water is just gorgeous.  If you’re an international student, I definitely recommend visiting Lake Louise at some point during your stay in Canada.  Driving into Vancouver was ridiculous!  It took three hours to get from Langley to downtown, and where I come from, that is FOREVER.  But, we finally made it and took a walk along the beach.  The sun was setting on the water, and there were buskers and hot dog stands and even a fire dancer… This is what Vancouver is to me.  Gorgeous.

Actually moving into residence the next day was really easy!  My parents and I got here early, so the lines just zipped along and I was unpacked within an hour or two.  I can’t believe some of my neighbours, their rooms are already a total mess and they still aren’t unpacked.. and it’s only day one!  My room is nice and organized, and I intend to keep it that way.  Of course, around exam time that could change…

In the evening I met a ton of new people (who are all really nice, by the way) and had tons of fun doing a photo scavenger hunt.  When I went to bed, I won’t lie, I felt pretty lonely.  But the next morning, as soon as I stepped out of my room, someone asked me to go to breakfast with them and soon enough the loneliness disappeared.  If you feel lonely, don’t worry, you aren’t alone – and there are tons of people around you who would love to just talk with you.

So far first year is looking FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to go through it and share it with all of you!

Peace out – Samantha.


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