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Laundry 101

It feels satisfying to sit in my dorm room on a Sunday afternoon knowing that the dishes are clean, and the laundry is done – properly. I’m sure there are plenty of people who were old pros at the art long before they came to residence, but that said I know I’m not the only who was doing laundry for the first time when I got here. Just for everyone’s future reference, I’ve decided to create a list of laundry tips. Some are passed down from my mother, others I learned the hard way.

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The Truth

Okay, so I’ve read some of the other blog posts on the blog squad page, and from what I’ve been reading, most people’s attitudes are generally OMG EVERYTHING IS SO AWESOME and WONDERFUL and INSPIRING and PERFECT and I maybe had one moment of doubt BUT THEN IT WAS GONE and now EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!!!

Okay, so I exaggerate a little.  But generally I’m finding that people are all talking about all the good things, and pretending that there is nothing bad.

That’s typically what I’m finding is the case with most of the people I’ve met from my first year class; everyone is intensely lonely but at the same time pretends they’re very happy and have no doubt about coming to UBC and are SOOOO glad to move out of home.  Well, pretending is not my job.  No sir.  So here is what I’m going through, and I expect that many of you out there are having a similar time.

I am very homesick.  My home, my friends, my family, my boyfriend, are all more than a thousand kilometres away.  The food here is decent, but it’s nothing like a home-cooked meal.  It’s pretty terrifying to have to constantly looking out for myself, because I miss things and make mistakes, which I’ve already done.  Giving my harp teacher my home number and not my cell was a really nice touch to that one.  I don’t know anyone here, and I get really lonely.  I don’t know many people in my classes, and the ones I do have very different schedules from me, so I often just end up eating lunch by myself.  I start to wonder if coming here and doing a music degree is really what I want anymore.  I wind up with a lot of time and nothing to do with it, and the homesickness is always the worst then.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, and it amazes me how everyone goes on about how they couldn’t wait for their parents to leave and all of that.  For those of you right now who are very concerned, I am getting better.  Honestly, I am sure it’s a matter of getting used to everything, and making good friends DOES take a long time, especially for someone shy like me.  And ones classes get going (and get more interesting) I’ll have homework and studying to fill up my time.

Basically, what I want to say is, if you, like me, are lonely, you aren’t the only one.  I know it doesn’t make it go away, but just know everyone around isn’t nearly as self-assured as they appear to be.


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Hi there!  My name is Samantha, and I will be part of your first year blog squad this year.  I am from Winnipeg, MB and I study music.  (I play the harp, and no, I didn’t have to bring my own.)

I drove all the way from Winnipeg to get here, so after three days of driving it’s nice to not be sitting in a car all day.  The drive out was tons of fun too, though.  We stopped off in Moose Jaw and stayed in an adorable bed & breakfast – the building was 103 years old!  There was a thunderstorm that night too, and I love a good prairie thunderstorm.  We made a detour to Lake Louise too, and at this time of year the water is just gorgeous.  If you’re an international student, I definitely recommend visiting Lake Louise at some point during your stay in Canada.  Driving into Vancouver was ridiculous!  It took three hours to get from Langley to downtown, and where I come from, that is FOREVER.  But, we finally made it and took a walk along the beach.  The sun was setting on the water, and there were buskers and hot dog stands and even a fire dancer… This is what Vancouver is to me.  Gorgeous.

Actually moving into residence the next day was really easy!  My parents and I got here early, so the lines just zipped along and I was unpacked within an hour or two.  I can’t believe some of my neighbours, their rooms are already a total mess and they still aren’t unpacked.. and it’s only day one!  My room is nice and organized, and I intend to keep it that way.  Of course, around exam time that could change…

In the evening I met a ton of new people (who are all really nice, by the way) and had tons of fun doing a photo scavenger hunt.  When I went to bed, I won’t lie, I felt pretty lonely.  But the next morning, as soon as I stepped out of my room, someone asked me to go to breakfast with them and soon enough the loneliness disappeared.  If you feel lonely, don’t worry, you aren’t alone – and there are tons of people around you who would love to just talk with you.

So far first year is looking FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to go through it and share it with all of you!

Peace out – Samantha.


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