Interview Help with Google Docs

If you haven’t done your interviews yet I have a couple of suggestions to help you make life easier. If you have any tricks I would love to hear them.
I just did a google hangouts video interview and screen recorded it. (Permission form already signed and ready to go), but also used another feature that is really helpful. We tried it for this video chat and it worked great. If you use GAFE’s you can open a google doc and under tools click voice typing. It does (or at least in this case) it did a great job of transcribing the voice interview into a typed google document. It doesn’t catch the punctuation in fluid speech but it certainly saves time transcribing the notes.
If there are any sections that I am unsure of I have the video to go back to.
Hope someone finds this helpful.


  1. Hi Catherine, Thanks for the tip! I wish I had read this before conducting my interview on Hangouts. I had thought I could record the Hangout directly, but then was not able. So then I recorded the Hangout using Snagit— this worked but it wasn’t great. My recording glitched out here and there. 🙁

  2. Hi again, So I just transcribed my interview using a program called, get this, Transcribe. It was really awesome! I highly recommend it— keeping in mind that I have absolutely nothing to compare it with, haha!
    The first week is free! #bonus

    1. Hi Dana,
      Thanks so much for the Transcribe link. I will have to give it a try. Voice typing with google docs wasn’t flawless either, but when there were errors they were phonetically similar to what was said.

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