Libraries? Books come to you!

Some People Can't Go to Libraries.  Books Come to Them.

This picture just made me laugh, I had to use it for the post. It spoke to me because of how easily books can come to you now. Automatically the UBC Virtual Library and eBooks came to mind. To be honest I do most of my course readings on the Go Train (my commuter train) each morning and evening using my eBook reader – I mean, why waste 2 hours of dedicated time each day! Plus with the eBook reader the weight of the readings doesn’t break my back hauling it back and forth each day :o)

Having said that my name is Cindy (Leach) Plunkett. I live in the small farming hamlet of Brooklin Ontario and do the long commute each day into downtown Toronot. I work at the University Health Network which is a grouping of Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospitals for a combination of over 10,000 employees. I am the Lead for the Computer User Support Program within the Organizaation and Employee Development group here and we work to provide various training sessions to help our staff pair technology and clinical practice. We do 1:1, small group and telephone training. We also created Bleneded and eLearning modules to post in our corporate LMS (SumTotal’s Total LMS). I am currently taking courses 7&8 towards my MET degree. I was very much interested in this particular course as my first undergrad degree was an Honours degree in English. Aside from work and MET I have a 21mo old daughter and I also teach karate 2 nights a week to 25 5-8 yr olds as well as helping with the family class 2 nights a week (9yrs to adult). I am looking forward to this class, there are a lot of familiar faces that I look forward to hearing from again!

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