Thinking Outside of the Box

I chose the “Outside of the Box” depiction because it symbolizes, in part,  what education assists me to do -facilitate team outside of the box creative solutions and seeing opportunties, yet we never really leave the box because our institutional systems dictate how far outside of the box we can think.  Although technology has opened and transformed communication practices, such as writing, it also has created boxes, such my  email “Inbox” which threatens to make me a slave to the notion of immediate communication.   

I’m taking my 9th and 10th MET courses this semester. I work for the College of New Caledonia in the North Cariboo – Quesnel, BC.  As an educational administrator the fun lies in seeking creative (Outside of the Box) solutions in challenging times that make a difference to students, staff and the community.


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4 Responses to Thinking Outside of the Box

  1. Al Davidson says:

    Nice to come across you again Doug. Hope you enjoy your final two courses. I like the image you chose and can relate to the slave of “inbox.”

    While visiting Quesnel this summer, I ran by the college each day, and saw that there was lots of construction outside. Is this causing some problems now that classes are back in?


    • doug larsen says:

      Hi Al,

      Funny you metion the issues created by the construction – the anatomy and physiology instructor was complaining about the noise today, while others are complaining about the heat due to the cooling system being shutdown. However, on the overall it hasn’t been too noisy too often. The price of progress – i.e. new trade facility.

  2. blamb says:

    Cheers Doug, hopefully we can do some out of the box thinking together over the next few months…

  3. coffeys says:

    Hi Doug, I believe we have met before at a dinner meeting CNC held with science teachers a couple of years ago. Its surprising our online paths haven’t crossed before in the MET program, funny how someone in your own small hometown can be in the same online program and I didn’t even know. Shannon

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