Nablus, Palestine

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I chose this image because it represents the contradiction between the openness and interconnectedness of the world brought about by technology but also the limiting factors for those that are marginalized and whose voice is never heard. It may be seen in an image captured through the eyes of the photographer- or interpreted and written about in text. The image also represents the instability of text and the fading memories of culture due to digitization of pressing issues often presented from a bias perspective. When I look at this image I see a symbol of protection of culture and an open space with nowhere to hide the rocks but behind the young man’s back.
This strong imagery sends many messages. Contrary to technology, that applies an emphasis on the rational, I see ambiguity in the image. How can imagery and other technology mediums change the thinking of humankind? How will this effect the outcomes of pressing world conflicts and issues? and also how will this effect the conflict of ignorance between the East and West?
I am a Grade 12 English teacher teaching in a remote desert region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi at a girls Secondary School. I work for the Abu Dhabi Education Council as part of an initiative by the Abu Dhabi government to educate the young girls in the region. My students have never been exposed to Western teachers and therefore, I see this as an opportunity to understand another culture and find commonalities, bringing together people to reach a shared understanding about the simplicities of life. I am very interested in this class as I notice here the impact of technology is somewhat changing the spaces of reading and writing but in this very oral culture. I am interested to know more about past tradition and how this will be preserved through initiatives by the Emiratee government but also by the students themselves. The role of technology and learning have changed drastically in the last two years here in the Middle East. The style of teaching has also changed and I hope that this class will help me to learn more about technology and how is relates to the the spaces that we are all a part of – whether it is intentional or not. We must be keep up with technology to allow ourselves to maintain global connection but at what point should we stop focussing on rationality and demonstrate human interconnectedness and understanding? I am looking forward to reading, sharing, discussing and learning together.

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