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FINAL THOUGHTS This course has been an amazing opportunity to consider the works of J.Bolter and Walter ONG among many other theorists/authors that we have been exposed to through our course readings.  It has been really nice to interact with … Continue reading

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Commentary 3- Culture and Reflexive Qualities of the Internet To what extent do we write the culture in which we live? In the past we were reliant upon the print culture to define our sense of self, our affiliation with … Continue reading

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PHOTOJOURNALISM- A new exposure…. Photojournalism can be explained as a form of journalism that involves collecting, editing and presenting news material for publication or broadcast that creates images in order to tell a news story. It’s beginnings date back to … Continue reading

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Commentary #1

Commentary #1: Ong explains that oral cultures and literate cultures are completely opposed so an individual is either part of an oral culture or a literate culture and that if one were to shift from one culture to the next … Continue reading

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Hello 🙂 I chose this image because it represents the contradiction between the openness and interconnectedness of the world brought about by technology but also the limiting factors for those that are marginalized and whose voice is never heard. It … Continue reading

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