How the widespread dissemination of print changed human thought process

I decided to present my research as a video. It’s a little outside the box… so any feedback would be very much appreciated.

I apologize for the print being hard to read. When I uploaded the video to youtube the fonts became blurred. Any suggestions on how to maintain a little better video quality? Thanks,


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3 Responses to How the widespread dissemination of print changed human thought process

  1. ryan edgar says:

    I thought it was great! But then again I have a little bias to Star Wars. Definitely made it more interesting (personally). As for the font issues you spoke of… no ideas here but I don’t think it was an issue. The only thing I could suggest is if you have a transcript of what was in the video you could always post that as an attachment so anyone that wanted to could reference it.

    Good work!


  2. iirene says:

    Wow! Enjoyed watching and reading, found the star wars metaphors very amusing. Like Ryan, I had no problem with the fonts, but somehow, the information was harder to digest than the regular assignments. Perhaps because I am not used to video essays that incorporate that much text? Because we are used to in-the-box reading? Totally cool nonetheless!

  3. Kirklan Lum says:

    Thanks for all of the feedback, including everyone that emailed me. I’m glad that the font wasn’t too bad, and I appreciate all of the suggestions to resolve the issue. A lot of people offered many good ideas, so if you are afraid that you might run into a similar problem, fire me an email and I can relay that info on. Thanks again!


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