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For this I really wanted to try something that I had never used at all before, so I thought I’d give Kerpoof a try. It was pretty easy to put things together, and not too difficult to learn. By the … Continue reading

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The Digital Divide

It has long been accepted that literacy is strongly connected to democratic and human rights. In the past, literacy was crucial for individuals to make educated decisions on current events, such as choosing which party was best suited to lead … Continue reading

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“As We May Think”

In his 1945 paper “As We May Think,” Dr. Vannevar Bush made many accurate predictions about future technologies. Bush suggested that cameras could be as small as walnuts, they would automatically adjust the exposure to the light in the room, … Continue reading

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How the widespread dissemination of print changed human thought process

I decided to present my research as a video. It’s a little outside the box… so any feedback would be very much appreciated. I apologize for the print being hard to read. When I uploaded the video to youtube … Continue reading

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Entering the Digital Era

Are we entering an era where our entire culture can now be perfectly preserved in a modern day “Library of Alexandria?” With the advent of the computer we can now make exact replicas of digital works, where there is no … Continue reading

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Text is just something that you write down, isn’t it?

Text is the careful placement of letters or symbols in order to convey a thought, a message, an intent and more. It is the collection of words, sentences, and paragraphs that describe, prescribe, and conscribe. While text is simply the … Continue reading

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What isn’t technology?

What is technology? If you’d asked me that very question a month ago, I’d probably have said something along the lines of, “technology is an invention that makes you more efficient, or makes your life easier.” To me, technology was … Continue reading

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It’ll fit?

The suggestion in this picture that volumes of information can be condensed down into a small area caught my eye because space is at somewhat of a premium at my place. I continued looking at other pictures, but I eventually … Continue reading

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