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Making Connections – Dancing to the beat of learning

For me, learning is an exciting process where I absorb other people’s ideas and synthesize material to make my own connections and generate my own ideas. I love to learn. The excitement and joy of “getting it” makes me both … Continue reading

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Remediation of Writing Space

Hi everyone, Here is my final project. It is a Prezi. You can choose to press play at the bottom of the screen to follow the reading path that I set out or you can click on any section to … Continue reading

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Rip, Mix, Feed – My spare time

Hi everyone, For my rip, mix, feed, I decided to combine video, text  and pictures.  I used a video of a show that I did a while ago and some pictures that I already had.  I modified the pictures with … Continue reading

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The Penny Press

Please follow the link to read my research paper on Benjamin Day and the rise of the Penny Newspaper. Penny Press Heather

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The place of Rote Learning

As I read through module two, I was fascinated by the discussion question about rote learning. As I thought more about rote, I began to consider its possible place in history as well as its place in today’s culture. My … Continue reading

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Technology as Change

I created this web with words that show my thoughts on technology. I think that technology brings change so I thought about ways that a technology can change a culture when it is fully embraced by that culture and becomes … Continue reading

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Text as meaning

I brainstormed words that relate to text and put them into this Wordle. The words that resonated most closely to what text means to me are the biggest. It’s interesting that the size and shape of the text itself, as … Continue reading

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Changing perspectives

I have chosen this picture of the New York Public Library Archives for several reasons. One, it represents a large repository of information which is stored in familiar book form. And two, because it shows the hallway in perspective, representing … Continue reading

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