Changing perspectives

New York Public Library Central Building Stacks

I have chosen this picture of the New York Public Library Archives for several reasons. One, it represents a large repository of information which is stored in familiar book form. And two, because it shows the hallway in perspective, representing a single way of looking at the world. Recently, the advances in technology have begun to change our culture’s perspective. Now, we can store more information in a smaller area and we can look at the written word in a more fluid way.

Hi everyone, I’m Heather. This is my third course in the program and I’m really happy to be here. The last course that I took was ETEC 500, research methodology. In it, I began to research digital storytelling and narrative writing. Through this process, I began to understand that the definition of text and writing is already changing. It caused me to become very interested in the subject so I took this course to explore the matter further.

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3 Responses to Changing perspectives

  1. lesliedawes says:

    I have been to NY Library and remember seeing the rows of books. I like your analogy of changing perspectives. So true. Look forward to working with you.


  2. blamb says:

    This picture reminds me of what UBC’s Main Library stacks looked like when I first started working there eight years ago. Since then, the Library has been rebuilt as the “Ike K. Barber Learning Centre”, and there is a fancy automated book retrieval system. I can’t help but miss the feel of the old stacks.

  3. I know what you mean, Brian. Online information is convenient but there is something special about spending time in a library, experiencing books themselves. I love the feeling of focused quiet that I get when I am in a library and the smell of the books. Perhaps that’s one of the losses that our new technology brings.

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