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The Remediation of the Visual

The current generation of computer users is becoming such a visual generation of students that they even watch music.  Music videos, television, websites, and magazines are all examples of how we are becoming incredibly more reliant on pictures rather than … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed – Resources

I decided to make a list of resources that I’ve found out about since I started this MET course this September. There are so many interesting new things I’ve learned to use but I don’t always remember where they are.  … Continue reading

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Commentary #2

Commentary #2 Chapter 2 in Writing Space: Computers, Hypertext, and the Remediation of Print In the opening chapters of Jay David Bolter’s Writing Space: Computers, Hypertext, and the Remediation of Print, the idea of remediation begins to take hold.  Bolter(2001), … Continue reading

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Assignement # 3

Please see “The History of the Study of Grammar” in the class wiki and follow the links ETEC540/2010WT1/Assignments/ResearchProject/StudyofEnglishGrammar Tamara Wong

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Commentary #1

In a world where nothing is written and words are not thought of in separate entities and people only speak, we, the typographical/chirographical people, cannot judge. Walter J. Ong’s book Orality and Literacy focuses the reader’s attention on those people … Continue reading

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When we were to define what we thought text was I wrote that it was a string of morphemes.  I soon found this definition to be very limited.  Once I thought of what it means I came up with the … Continue reading

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Star Wars and Imagination

Technology is Imagination. While we generally think of technology as being scientific and science as formulaic technology is actually creative. Think about the processes of inventing a lightbulb or telephone, or computer. It’s through the the use of the imagination … Continue reading

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the test of time

As I was going through the information on this course it made me think of the first ways of writing as well as how long it lasts. Technology is ever changing and time degrades our ideas and thoughts unless they … Continue reading

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