the test of time

Stone Writing

As I was going through the information on this course it made me think of the first ways of writing as well as how long it lasts. Technology is ever changing and time degrades our ideas and thoughts unless they are found and written like this. I was also thinking about how the Internet is similar to a stone tablet. It is there for anyone to see, it can withstand things a book couldn't – like a flood or fire. I suppose the only thing it needs to be tested against now is time. Another interesting thing about this picture is before only the experts in the field would have access to something like this and now even someone in Canada can see it!

I am Tamara Wong and I teach an English as a Second Language in Toronto, Ontario. I did my undergraduate degree in History and English in a small university in Northern Ontario. I got married last year and am really enjoying having someone to make dinner for me when I am working all day.

I am really excited about this class as it incorporates many of my favourite subjects- history, language, and teaching. I can see it is going to be very interesting and I am looking forward to learning from all of you.

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