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Putting it All Together

1. I would love to see a concept map-type cloud of all of the tags we’ve created. The links could show links between the tags, and the nodes could contain links to the posts with those tags. This would be … Continue reading

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Reflections on ETEC540

As we close the term, ETEC540 has certainly evolved into more than the sum of it’s parts…. it’s many, many, many parts. Reading the syllabus prior to registering, and then looking through the prefatory materials during the first few days, … Continue reading

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Delicious Connections

I thought it would be great to connect all the tools and projects from our course into delicious as a resource for fellow students and for the teachers at my school to learn about some of the great Web 2.0 … Continue reading

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Using Gliffy Concept Map to make connections in the weblog.

I am proposing to use the concept map posted in ETEC 540 weblog at to connect much of our work.  I think many of the concepts connected in this map have been covered in some form in our commentaries … Continue reading

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An Idea for ‘Making Connections’

I have an idea for how to approach this week’s ‘Making Connections’ assignment. I’m already finding a number of other people’s posts that connect to my own project. So as I go along and make comments on my fellow students … Continue reading

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Happenstance: Representative of both new and old.

Introduction Various fictions have experimented with the new digital medium; the vast majority of  which are considered avant-garde, experimental, and experiential. This is in art because the reader of fiction must strictly follow the writer’s path (Kress, 2005). This paper … Continue reading

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PowerPoint vs. Gliffy

Due to an overwhelming amount of printing inquiries at my school, I created a troubleshooting sign for my school using Powerpoint. Given the MET opportunity, I decided to recreate the same sign using Gliffy. After some initial trial and error … Continue reading

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The Continuity of Language

Thousands of years ago, humans began shifting their oral culture into written text.  Historians and anthropologists saw the shift as a domestication of society through the transition from an oral culture to a literate one.  Professor Walter Ong’s theories in … Continue reading

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