Welcome to your invertebrate webquest! Today, we are going to learn about many different groups of invertebrates. Remember, 97% of all species of animals on Earth are invertebrates! It is impossible to learn about them all! Luckily for us, scientists have grouped or classified invertebrates based on similar characteristics (things that are the same in each animal of that group). Remember when we talked about snails and squid? They are in the same group because they “are squishy” and have a shell at some point.

Your goal today is to go through the invertebrates to learn about the animals found in that group, the similar characteristics of the animals in the group, as well as an awesome fact about the group!

To start, we all are going to learn about the mollusks. From there, you are free to choose any group as you want. Make sure you fill in each information card.

Click on the link below to view a new page:

Group Mollusca (The Mollusks!)

Choose two of the following groups. Get an information card from the front of the classroom to fill in:

Group Cnidaria (The Cnidarians!)

Group Annelida (Worms!)

Group Arthropoda (The arthropods! The largest group on animals in the world!)

Group Echindermata (The Echinoderms!)