There are many types of worm in the world, but the most well-known are the Annelids. They have no legs, and no hard skeleton. They are squishy like mollusks, but unlike mollusks, annelid bodies are divided into many little segments (parts), like rings joined together.

Different types of Annelids

Earthworms! Decomposers that live in the ground – see all the rings (segments or parts)?

Leeches! Bite and suck blood from other animals! This is how they get their food! 

Tube Worms! These worms live in the ocean and create a tube they can live in. The colourful fan is the top of their head!

Characteristics of Annelids

  • Made up of segments or parts (the rings we can see). Each part has the same organs (many of each!)
  • No skeleton and no real legs

Additional Information and Cool Facts

  • The Mekong Giant Earthworm can be up to 3m long!
  • The Bobbit Worm can be 3m long and can cut fish in half with its jaws!

  • Many people use (or used) leechs to clean their blood and cure sickness! People bought leeches from Sweden for this!

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