A Map of the Terrain

Venture Development and Analysis: A Map of the Terrain

Below is sample mind map for the ideas explored in Module 2 of ETEC 522. After working through Module 2 you may also find that you have developed your mind map of key concepts based on ideas and topics that resonate with your experience or needs. That’s good.


If you click on the mind map it will link you to the interactive version of the map where you can explore some of the Internet resources that illustrate key topics in this module, including links to the ETEC 522 “Pitch Pool.”  The mind map is an alternative content outline for the narrative for this module, and follows three pathways:

  • The knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are required for venture development
  • The attributes of a business plan that are assessed for any venture
  • Links to opportunity development and business planning tools you might reference to help you design or assess the development of a learning technology venture
The mind map was created using a free tool kit that is available for all computer platforms from the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) http://cmap.ihmc.us/. The tool kit was designed to assist individuals and groups in modelling knowledge in domains of study or practice. You may find it useful, too.