Detailed Overview

Detailed Course Overview

ETEC522 is structured into Phases and Modules. You are in Phase 1, Module 1 right now. A layout for the whole course, including the major assignments is provided here:

PHASE 1 – Start-up

This phase sets the stage for understanding the course, the essentials of launching an enterprise, and the nature of the global learning technologies marketplace.

MODULE 1: Course Introduction
Components, objectives, and expectations.
MODULE 2: Business Boot Camp
What every entrepreneur and intrapreneur must know.
MODULE 3: The Global Learning Technologies Marketplace
A way to understand how global markets work.

ASSIGNMENT #1: Environmental OR Venture Analysis

Submit a thorough environmental analysis OR a venture analysis of a specific learning technology market or venture of particular interest to you. For example, your subject could be a company (large or small), a program within a school district, an initiative on a campus, or a project within a company, a set of campuses, a regional group of companies, or any relevant (to you) segment or cross-section of the market CUBE introduced in Module 3.  An “environmental analysis” is simply a compound venture analysis – there are likely several or many entities involved in the analysis.  One way to understand the intent of A1 is imagine that you’ve got a friend who wishes to invest $1 million in a certain learning technologies market segment or a specific company, and they’d like your expert recommendation (environmental analysis or venture analysis, respectively) about whether this is a good idea.  This submission may be a standard written paper or an equivalently compelling expression of your work in a medium or media of your choice. For this assignment you could also capture and analyze a “pitch” from someone central to the subject of your study. Consult your instructors if in doubt.

25% of total – Due at the end of Week 6

Phase 2 – Research into Emerging Markets

This Phase provides an opportunity for collective exploration, critical analysis, and expression of the learning potentials within specific emerging markets inspired by new technologies and technology environments. The objective is that every student will work within a small group of peers to make a deep dive on a single emerging market, and collectively create an interactive survey-level engagement with that emerging market for their peers.

MODULE 4: Social Technologies
The world of web 2.0, identity, e-portfolios, blogs, etc.
MODULE 5: Mobile Technologies
Breaking down real and invisible barriers to learning.
MODULE 6: Open Source Technologies
A commons approach to tools, systems and resources.
MODULE 7: One-To-One Environments
Learner-centred and learner-engaged paradigms.
MODULE 8: Collaboration Environments
Workgroups, conferencing and problem-based learning.
MODULE 9: Serious Game Environments
Electronic games, simulations, Second Life, etc.
MODULE 10: Informal Learning Environments
Home schooling, Podcasts, museums, Live Sites, etc.
MODULE 11: Learning Community Environments
Local, regional and global online consortia

Assignment #2: Emerging Market Analysis

Each week or Module during Phase 2 covers a separate emerging market, and we will commission small groups of students to work together to design and deliver an engaging online interactive experience for the whole class for each of the separate weeks covering Modules 4-11.

You will be notified by the end of the first week which Module you have been assigned to, and which of your peers will be your Market Team in looking after your week.

25% of total (1/5 based on peer assessment) – first group on stage during week 5 and in each week following between Unit 4 and Unit 11.

Phase 3 – Launch

This final phase is designed to be a true culminating experience – an opportunity to position yourself in the driver’s seat of a venture of you choice, and see how your powers of persuasion stand up in an ‘open market’ of similar pitches from your peers.

MODULE 12: Venture Forum
Pitching an idea

Assignment #3: Venture Pitch

Applying your start-up skills and research savvy, provide a compelling pitch that champions the future of a real-world venture. Your venture can be an existing enterprise where you role-play what you would do if you were in charge, or it can be an imagined initiative or enterprise that you would like to create. Remember that friend with $1 million we used as an example in A1?  Now you’re trying to convince them to invest in your venture!  Your pitch can be an essay, a PowerPoint, a video suitable for our “Pitch Pool”, or other compelling expression of your choice (consult with your instructors if in doubt). Your objective is to be credible, well researched, and very convincing to your instructors and peers.  Please remember that we’re looking for a pitch that focuses on persuading investors about your venture, not a pitch that convinces customers to buy your product or service.

25% of total (1/5 based on peer assessment) – due at the end of week 12.