Augmented Reality Tracking Pitch

This video was posted earlier today and I immediately began to review it as a pitch.  Not only is it very interesting pitch it caught my eye because it uses similar technology to my Light Track pitch (camera, projected image, LEDs and computer).

I must say this pitcher had access to more technology/money for his setup which makes the mishmash of technology a lot easier to understand, nevertheless his downfall maybe that he doesn’t apply the technology to a market like the classroom, the boardroom or a video games.  In this video it is hard not to get caught up with the “wow” factor but it is certainly an interesting concept which will find some use in the marketplace.

Anyone have any thoughts on uses for this technology or the impact of the pitch?

Skip to 2:35 to see the hardware behind the pitch.

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The infrastructure for curriculum management in the undergraduate medicine program at my university is under strain. While the medicine program has expanded to 3 campuses in a distributed model and enrollment more than doubled, the learning management system (LMS), assessment, scheduling and curriculum management tools have not kept up and are not integrated. The solution is a system developed at a similiar medical school in the University of California at San Francisco. iLios, as it is called, is a curriculum management system which stores the content separately from the LMS in a learning object repository where it is tagged with metadata and can be accessed directly and developed by faculty and staff. Implementing this system here will make it easier to map and improve the curriculum in a way that makes the expansion sustainable.
For a copy of my full pitch email me at

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Integrating technology into Teaching by Barbara Mair

Medida y Compas is developing blended courses (part on line and part in person) for teachers to integrate technology into their teaching in Mexico. There is a big push to get Internet coverage throughout Mexico and it is very important to improve the quality of teaching in order not to lose any more generations.MyC pitch_0001. Teachers are willing to learn computer skills and new software. If you are interested in more information go to:

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Sean’s Pitch

For those who may have my venture to analyise, below is my pitch”

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A Pitch

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Cathy’s Elevator Pitch

Online Towing Simulation Tool

For over 100 years, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has been helping the motoring public. Emergency Road Service or towing has become the corner stone of our organization. Our Online Towing Simulation Tool is unique and addresses the daily scenarios tow truck drivers’ face.

Simulations have been used successfully in a number of fields such as aviation and medicine. Which begs the question, why not for the towing industry which presents equal risks?

Tow truck drivers are exposed to hazards often working in dangerous conditions – on the highway, in ditches and with heavy equipment. Adverse weather conditions further complicate this as rain, snow and fog increase the danger of each tow call. Through the Simulation Tool, such conditions can be explored in a risk free environment eliminating physical injury or property damage. By providing an immersive experience tow truck drivers can practice, hone skills, gain confidence and continuously learn.

My full venture pitch is found on You Tube, see below.

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Sean’s Elevator Pitch for My Words

This was fun (sort of). I enjoyed the writing, mixing, and editing part; but once I started publishing, good old Windows Movie Maker kept hanging on me. I eventually figured it out. Unfortunately, it’s not as smooth as I orginally had planned. Comments most welcome!

Here’s my elevator pitch:

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Elevator Pitch for Connected Computer Systems

Kask - Connected Computer Systems

Kask - Connected Computer Systems

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Elevator Pitch for Service Online

Just as a warning: My boss decided after I had done the work that I could not use our company name, so this is a thinly veiled version of our company. Just in case you try to Google us and can’t find anything!

The Pitch:


Have you ever been in trouble and needed a social worker or a health care worker?

Have you ever wondered how they stay current? What if they are working away from the universities and continuing education providers – how do they keep up with their training then? How is that fair to clients in remote areas?


The solution is online education. At Service Online we are small, well-connected and fast. We provide just-in-time, innovative training, based on current research and best practices.


Our training is cost-effective for individuals and organizations as well as being sophisticated and engaging. We are looking for an investor to expand on our offerings to cover all of Canada, the United States and beyond.We promise part-ownership and profitability from the get-go!

Could this be you?


Annette Smith

For more information please view our full Video Pitch :


Images not in public domain:

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The Teen Second Life Culture Project

Hello Everyone! Like Cari, I elected to make a submission to the UBC Global Minds Challenge as my venture pitch. I’ve included a brief project description and two videos that might interest you. For more information see the link to the project website.TSLland

The Teen Second Life Culture Project was an exciting and unique learning adventure taught within a 3D online world. Students from two Regina Public Schools used their research skills to study various world cultures through seven common cultural patterns: economic, political, kinship, artistic, religious, educational, and recreation and play. Learners then represented their new knowledge by designing and editing objects and land plots to reflect the cultures’ way of life. Students interacted with one another by using avatars in role-playing activities. Guest presenters with specialized knowledge were invited to the virtual world from distant locations to share their insights with the learners.

Students also used blogs to record and present their research in addition to sharing images from their virtual land plots. Readers commented on the blog entries, sometimes offering advice and new information to the students. At the end of the unit, students were charged with the task of creating a multimedia project depicting what a typical day would be like for their assigned culture. The student work is spectacular!

In addition to the knowledge and content learned through this project, students demonstrated sensitivity toward, and an appreciation for, all cultural groups. These values and attitudes are important due not only to the multicultural nature of Canadian society, but also because we aim for our students to be leaders in global citizenship.

To learn more about the Teen Second Life Culture Project and to discover the pedagogical possibilities of virtual worlds, please visit our comprehensive project website at:

If you are pressed for time and only have a few minutes to learn about the Teen Second Life Culture Project, we recommend that you visit the following links; however, we are willing to bet that once you’ve had a chance to learn a little, you’ll want to learn more!

Teen Second Life at Regina Public Schools – 3 minute video

“A Day in the Life of” student made videos:—macneill

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