Alternative Approaches


This section of Module 3 serves as a precursor to Modules 4-12 and involves you as an EVA investigating the business opportunities present in the emerging global marketplace. As mentioned previously in the module, governments in both the developing and developed world are beginning to see learning technologies as key components of country development strategies.

The international development portion of the mind map on the first page of this section can serve as the trailhead for your investigation of the terrain. The interactive links on the page can be used to start your tour of the international development aspects of learning technologies.


Another useful resource for this investigation is the Development Gateway Foundation, recently rebranded as

Select the “E-Learning” link from the list of topics.

For an alternative look at marketing theory as its applies to the developing world, the summary article that spawned the book The Fortune at the Bottom of Pyramid (Prahalad, CK. & Hart, S.L., 2002) is instructive:


For this activity, investigate the alternative marketplace offered by international development opportunities through the links provided and others that you find. Join the online discussion in the Module 3: Global Learning Technologies Marketplace where we will examine the kinds of business opportunities that may exist in a development market where divergent thinking may needed to validate “the cube,” or develop a new market analysis paradigm.