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Best Wishes to All!

Hello David Vogt, David Porter, and Fellow Course Mates:

I think this is it! I think this our official last day! It has been an informative and educational journey.

Indeed, you and this course have provided me with a wealth of knowledge for which I am grateful.

Indeed, I wish the best for everyone. Perhaps I will ‘see’ some of you in January 2010 when our next courses ‘kick off’.

In closing, this course has been a great learning experience for me.



December 4, 2009   2 Comments

Eveline’s Elevator Pitch & Venture Pitch

Sorry for the delay, I forgot to post my pitch after submitting it through email.

Here is my fictional pitch for an online teacher training program.

To provide individuals interested in the teaching field but not able to commit to a full teaching degree, the fully online teacher training course (with a serious game component and various multimedia) will allow individuals to “test run” being a teacher while getting a TEFL certificate upon successful completion of a 1-2 month program.

The online program allows participants to contribute any time, anywhere.

Both pitches are available in the media gallery.  (on top, click Media, and then Library, and it will be there).

EYu – Assignment 3 – Elevator Pitch

EYu – Assignment 3 – Venture Pitch

If you want, contact me at, and I can email them to you as well.



December 2, 2009   11 Comments


The infrastructure for curriculum management in the undergraduate medicine program at my university is under strain. While the medicine program has expanded to 3 campuses in a distributed model and enrollment more than doubled, the learning management system (LMS), assessment, scheduling and curriculum management tools have not kept up and are not integrated. The solution is a system developed at a similiar medical school in the University of California at San Francisco. iLios, as it is called, is a curriculum management system which stores the content separately from the LMS in a learning object repository where it is tagged with metadata and can be accessed directly and developed by faculty and staff. Implementing this system here will make it easier to map and improve the curriculum in a way that makes the expansion sustainable.
For a copy of my full pitch email me at

December 1, 2009   No Comments

Integrating technology into Teaching by Barbara Mair

Medida y Compas is developing blended courses (part on line and part in person) for teachers to integrate technology into their teaching in Mexico. There is a big push to get Internet coverage throughout Mexico and it is very important to improve the quality of teaching in order not to lose any more generations.MyC pitch_0001. Teachers are willing to learn computer skills and new software. If you are interested in more information go to:

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A Pitch

November 30, 2009   14 Comments

Barrie’s Venture Pitch

Hello Everyone:

To view my venture presentation in PowerPoint format, please click on the link:

If there are any uploading issues, please let me know.  Thank-you!



November 29, 2009   14 Comments

CUSP – Elevator Pitch

This pitch is geared towards healthcare administrators and healthcare staff, specifially those in Ontario but looking towards a nation-wide approach.  It is for the services of a group called CUSP, the Computer User Support Program.  Hopefully it will give a taste of our services and entice you to learn more.

30Sec_ElevatorPitch (1)

For a copy of my full pitch, please click here to download:


Cindy Plunkett

November 29, 2009   16 Comments

Implementing Digital Technologies in my School District

The term “digital divide” has been used to describe many situations that have occurred in response to the increasing use of digital technologies in education. My pitch has taken the form of a review of the District Technology Plan for the district I work in. Many people involved in this course have expressed points of view that support the way their experience in the MET program has contributed to their views on education. How do we as educators facilitate change in our classrooms, schools and district to reflect what we feel to be important developments in education based on the affordances provided through digital technologies? If you are interested in facilitating change in your environment to enable learners to utilize these new tools for learning then by reviewing existing plans and providing input regarding technology implementation your knowledge and experience can make an impact.

Please view my report here

November 29, 2009   9 Comments

Vernier & Virtual Laboratories

Executive Summary

Science teachers across the globe are struggling to find ways to effectively integrate technology into their classes.  Rather then reinvent the wheel, Vernier has found a way to replace relatively old analog laboratory equipment with computerized data aquisition equipment.  Despite the introduction of this amazing equipment, there are still some drawbacks to it:

  • It can be prohibitively expensive
  • It is difficult for students to complete experiments or investigations individually
  • The technology can be complicated and difficult for both teachers and students to use

This proposal outlines a remarkable (fictitious) device that will address all these problems.

To view this presentation visit the wiki at:


November 29, 2009   15 Comments

Ernie’s Elevator Pitch for Moodle to School Districts

Hi everyone,

After hours and hours of  organizing students, filming, editing, and tech work, here’s my final product!  Enjoy!

A Pitch for Moodle:

For further information, please see my proposal at

November 29, 2009   19 Comments