Other Business Concepts to Explore

Other Business Concepts to Explore

A Canadian government web site that explores venture and financial terms that may be new to you, such as exit strategy, IPO, liquidity, pro forma financials, ROI, start-up company, can be found here:


You should spend some time exploring other venture requirements that may be flagged as fundamental.  Concepts such as:

  • Attributes of successful entrepreneurs
  • Business life cycles
  • Management team attributes for start up companies

For example, a video resource that involves EVAs offering opinions on the various kinds of management team requirements in a venture proposal can be found at this link.




Find related Internet resources on business venture concepts and pitches, and tag them and share them with the rest of the class in a blog discussion under the Mod2: Business Bootcamp category. Respond to contributions initiated by the instructors and other students. Join the debate!