How to Use the Pitch Pool

How to Use the Pitch Pool

As you go through the modules of this course, you will see different videos from the pitch pool highlighted. This means that the type of company, or its stage of development, matches what we’re discussing in that module.

Alternatively, you can view the pitches in any order, at any time. That’s actually useful, if you want to start thinking like an “educational venture analyst,” judging which companies are more worthy of receiving capital.

We recommend you watch each video twice. One time, take notes as needed to help you remember what the person said. The other time, just listen and try to judge the enthusiasm, passion, sincerity and completeness of the company’s message. As we’ll learn, that’s as important to the success of the venture as getting the market right, the product right, and having the financial resources to succeed.

What to watch for: Consider the following criteria.

  • CEO Credibility – Does this person exude capability and convey confidence that they will achieve success against all obstacles?
  • Management Team – Have they assembled a stellar team along with the other human and material resources required for success
  • Business Model – Is this feasible? – have they done their homework? – are their arguments and information accurate and compelling?
  • Competitive Products – What is a realistic market size, market share and selling price that these products or services can capture in a very competitive world?
  • Market Readiness – How long and difficult is their critical path to success?
  • Technical Innovation – Do they have an edge, and can they keep it?
  • Exit Strategy – Do they really know what success looks like – is their destination clear
  • Overall Investment Status – Am I going to risk my investment capital on this proposition?

ACTIVITY: Initial EVA responses to pitch pool examples – what’s your reaction?

To tune up your eyes and ears for venture pitches, here are selection (old and new) we’d like you to view and respond to for Activity #1.  The pitches are:

View each of the pitches and then join the discussion within the course blog in Mod2: Business Bootcamp Discussion and add your comments on at least two or more of the pitch discussions, considering the evaluation criteria outlined in the “what to watch for” section above.

Some of the criteria might not apply directly because all ventures are different in form or target market. However, you can comment on your reaction to the venture or project based on your reactions to the venture concept and its potential appeal to a target audience of EVAs or typical customers.