RRU ready to invest? …

I may sound harsh here, but I’m going to start by saying no to investing in this one – for numerous reasons. (Comments most welcome if you disagree with what I say because I’m new to being an EVA.)

Burgess takes too long to get to the point in her pitch. The introduction is much, much too long. Actually, I’m curious: who is her audience? Would she not pitch this idea to people inside the university? If so, is it necessary to go into so much detail about RRU’s history? Please tell me if I’m wrong here. Regardless, I would spend a little less time talking about the historical significance of RRU … and the history of OCW, too.

Her words appear to have said a lot about RRU, but the rhetoric is empty. She said a lot about its history, its successful marketing team, its “innovative pedagogy”, and its “effective use of technologies”, but no concrete examples were given. Nor were there suggestions about how RRU’s OCW would be different from other universities. Yes, she showed that some research had been done with regards to how other universities adopted OCW, and she commented on common criticisms about this practice; however, there was very little (if anything) about how RRU would overcome the criticisms made about MIT and other universities. Instead she provides comments that are full of logical fallacies (sorry …), such as “The bottom line is it‘s the right thing to do”. Is it? I’m not convinced, yet. (Although, I do support the idea of OCW.)

Burgess does do well when mentioning how OCW would benefit the university. Yet there is little information about how this will be accomplished. Will they ensure high quality materials that are competitive against MIT’s OCW? Is that feasible? Will their methods for delivering content be innovative? How?

I also question whether her plan for how OCW would truly benefit students. She didn’t seem to give enough evidence for this. In fact, I got more of an impression that the OCW would be used more for marketing purposes, attracting more students, attracting more faculty.

And, which I’ll admit that I’m perhaps being too harsh here, I was not impressed by her delivery. For example, she relied too much on pathos (such as commenting on the university’s credibility) and ethos (such as visuals in the presentation like … the baby – why a baby?).

September 17, 2009   8 Comments

Hi from Hong Kong

My wife and I in Hong Kong at the movie theatre to watch Up in 3D.

My wife and I at a movie theatre in Hong Kong to watch Up in 3D.

Hi Everyone. My name is Sean McMinn. This is my 7th MET course, and I’m pretty excited to be (virtually) here.

I teach English at a university here in Hong Kong, and I love it. The job is great, the people are nice, and life is simply interesting and always adventurous. So far, I’ve been enjoying the MET programme — which has helped me advance in my career over the past year or so. In particular, I’ve been able to embed podcasts (http://campusbeat.ust.hk) and wikis into courses successfully thanks to what I’ve learned though the programme.

I’m looking forward to ETEC522 because I lack entrepreneurial skills and would like to explore business opportunities … some day. More immediately, I would like to enhance my intrapreneurial (new word for me) skills. As I learn more through the MET programme I see opportunities for developing or enhancing technologies to be used at our university. To do this, though, I need to apply for funding. If I can improve on my “pitches” or selling, I would be happy.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone. (I can’t believe the summer break went by so fast!)

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