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Multiple Meanings of Text

Originally I created a Wordle for this assignment (which I have still posted). However, when I came to the Weblog I notice that another classmate had already done something similar.  Instead I have created a Webspiration mind map. All of … Continue reading

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Understanding the Questions

We can understand a text only when we have understood the question to which it is an answer. But since this question can be derived solely from the text and accordingly the appropriateness of the reply is the methodological presupposition … Continue reading

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Text as meaning

I brainstormed words that relate to text and put them into this Wordle. The words that resonated most closely to what text means to me are the biggest. It’s interesting that the size and shape of the text itself, as … Continue reading

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Text as an evolutionary imperative

Picture By perpetualplum Sue Clark I chose this image from Aesop’s Fables because for me, text and technology is an extension of the characteristic that, in my mind anyway, makes us human: The transmission of culture and knowledge to our … Continue reading

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