About IDRN

The International Development Research Network (IDRN) is an initiative of the Liu Institute for Global Issues, located at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

The network exists to better leverage the vast contextual knowledge and experience that exists across diverse UBC departments, and beyond. We want to generate a robust dialogue within the UBC development community, through regular events and web-based collaboration. A strong sense of community will enable grad students, faculty and research staff to reach out to each other for advice and support, crossing the disciplinary divides that isolate us. As our community grows, we also seek to create and strengthen links with like-minded development organizations in other parts of the world.

We aim to create opportunities for on-line and face-to-face networking and  communication. To this end, our website is designed to provide a venue to find and start conversations with others working on similar and related international development issues. Because face-to-face events provide excellent opportunities to initiate conversations, we also host regular events on UBC campus, including panel discussions, speakers, film screenings, workshops, conferences field debriefings, and more informal networking socials.

If your work relates to international development, we invite you to join, connect and collaborate.

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