The 2012 Development Challenge Proposals

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Creating the framework for humane community living for disabled people in Serbia

This Challenge idea is for a social justice project that would benefit not only the target country (Serbia) but it could also be adapted fo…

Started by Carolyn Laws + team

0 Apr 6

Education is the key to sustainable development

Communities living adjucent to protected areas should be provided with necessary education opportunities.

Started by Kamanzi Festo

0 Mar 29

Engaging local stakeholders in transboundary conservation in the Central Albertine Rift (DRC, Rwanda, Uganda)

This is an idea that came out of 9 months of field research in the Central Albertine Rift, at the end of which a friend (Cory Wilson, found…

Started by Elaine Hsiao

2 Mar 29
Reply by Tony Karbo

Global Health

Anyone interested in forming a team and work on an International Development challenge on improving public health ?(eg. first aid, sanitati…

Started by Shadi Mojtabavi

0 Mar 17

Improving conditions for smallholder coffee growers in Rwanda

Let Tanya Smith or Sara Elder know if you are interested in joining us in developing a project related to smallholder farmers in Rwanda and…

Started by Sara Elder

0 Mar 7

Challenge: Scaling up cooperative agriculture to address food security, health, and nutrition needs in the Ruzizi Valley, DRC

The challenge involves working with an agricultural cooperative representing 1,200 low-income farmers in the Ruzizi Valley in the eastern D…

Started by Hamish Stewart

0 Mar 5

How to effectively engage the private sector in sustainable development

Hi, I have recently returned to BC after my graduate studies in International Development at the London School of Economics. I am keen to m…

Started by Tanya Smith

3 Mar 3
Reply by Abdul Baset Muqeet

Lifelong Learning in Least Developed Countries

Lifelong learning, knowledge based economy, and economic competitiveness through education have been synonymous to the the educational-econ…

Started by Kapil Dev Regmi

0 Feb 23

Challenge: Propose policy options for overcoming corruption

Huge swaths of the developing world are burgeoning with potential, but are restricted by institutionalized corruption and rent-seeking. Thi…

Started by Jordan Levine (Organizer)

1 Feb 20
Reply by Sina Shahandeh (Organizer)

Challenge: Developing a business model for the effective dissemination of ‘improved’ cookstoves

Although cookstoves can provide a number of benefits including promoting positive environmental, health and development outcome the distrib…

Started by Olivia Freeman

0 Feb 18
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Challenge: Addressing poaching in conservation areas through livelihood programs

Poaching can be a conflictual problem in conservation in the developing world with often violent outcomes. To address the poaching problem…

Started by Olivia Freeman

0 Feb 18

Challenge: Propose an education intervention

Education is one of the prime forces behind development and international equality. This challenge calls for a proposal to improve educatio…

Started by Jordan Levine (Organizer)

0 Feb 14

Challenge: Propose a solution to a commons problem affecting the poor

Resources such as water, arable land, sanitation, etc. are often seriously degraded, or privatized beyond the reach of the poor, in many de…

Started by Jordan Levine (Organizer)

0 Feb 14

Challenge: Utilizing social media to encourage civic engagement

In the challenge we will propose new approaches to utilize the power of new media for enhancing civic engagement specially in societies wit…

Started by Sina Shahandeh (Organizer)

0 Dec 3, 2011

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