Kirsten Dales

Kirsten Dales is an industrial ecologist with expertise in multilateral environmental agreements. Her professional practice involves human-environment interactions in industrial landscapes, with over eight years of experience designing and implementing international development projects in China, Mongolia, Russia, Nepal and West Africa. Professional work as a chemicals expert for the United Nations industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) targets artisanal gold mining, industrial chemicals and water management projects. Kirsten has a strong technical background in environmental sciences, international policy and resource governance, with proven ability to design and implement complex projects. She holds appointments as a Doctoral Fellow in Forest Science and Conservation at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and as a Research Scholar for the Liu Institute on Global Studies, Yale’s Center for Industrial Ecology and the African Forest Research Initiative on Conservation and Development (AFRICAD). Her academic research exists at the science-policy interface, developing methods for geographically representative monitoring and modeling of mercury contamination to support activities under the Minamata Convention.