Maery Kaplan-Hallam

Maery is a Master of Arts student in UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability (IRES) working under the direction of Drs. Terre Satterfield and Nathan Bennett. She entered the highly interdisciplinary environment of IRES after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Geography (with distinction) from the University of Victoria where her coursework focused on human geography, natural resource management, and environmental sustainability. Maery’s employment and academic experience reflects her interest in these areas as well as in the fields of facilitation, mediation, and negotiation where she has worked in multi-stakeholder processes for both program assessment and community visioning. She has also served on a number of committees working in the sector of international development including in her current role on the steering committee of UBC’s International Development Research Network.

Her primary research interests include natural resource governance & management and the intersections of perception, livelihoods, and change processes within complex social-ecological systems.

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