• Who runs IDRN?
    IDRN is a grad student initiative funded by the Liu Institute’s Scholar Program. The organizing committee is primarily comprised of grad students, with an advisory board of faculty and practitioners.
  • What are your immediate goals?
    We want to generate a robust dialogue within the UBC community, as the basis for effective future outreach and networking beyond UBC (inter-university, community, NGO, government).


  • What kinds of events can I expect?
    As we gain momentum, you can expect to see regular panel events, workshops, field debriefings, reading groups, movie nights and more.
  • Who may attend IDRN events?
    We hope to attract as diverse an audience as possible, including students, faculty, research staff and practitioners.


  • What can I do?
    1. Sign up to receive information on future events and opportunities.
    2. Come out to IDRN events.
    3. Mention us to your friends and colleagues, and encourage them to come out to events.
    4. Coming soon: Sign up to post your research profile as a member of the network
    5. Volunteer to help us build! Opportunities include website development, copy-writing (website content), recruiting, event coordination, UBC networking, international networking, finance and organizational development (formal structure and constitution).