Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The IDRN aims to be a network of development researchers who advance insightful, integrated research that effectively influences decision-making.

Our Mission

  1. Facilitate collaboration amongst development researchers across social, geographic and disciplinary divides.
  2. Ensure well-informed decision-making on issues relating to international development.
  3. Ensure a prominent voice for graduate students on issues of international development, both within the research community, as well as in decision-making, public discussions and institutions.


At UBC, IDRN aims to fulfill its mission by:

  1. Creating opportunities on campus that foster vibrant conversations across disciplines.
  2. Building an online community of researchers and practitioners.
  3. Providing online resources that help people to connect, network and collaborate.
  4. Expanding awareness about development issues by hosting a variety of learning opportunities.
  5. Connecting researchers, practitioners and policy makers and facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration between them.
  6. Acting as a hub for the creation of similar student-run groups on other campuses in the Global South and North.