IDRN is building affiliations with like-minded organizations and groups around the world who are interested in potential collaborations with IDRN members.

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Liu Institute for Global Issues
The Liu Institute at the University of British Columbia conducts and facilitates leading edge research and debate on global issues – mobilizing knowledge into solutions. Its current focus is on advancing sustainability, security, and social justice. A hallmark of the Institute is to provide innovative learning and research opportunities for UBC graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and community members that help to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners.

CEPAL–Mexico City
The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA)–the Spanish acronym is CEPAL–is an official regional commission of the United Nations. It focuses its activities on conducting and disseminating research on social and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean. CEPAL’s main headquarters are in Santiago, with several subsidiary offices throughout the broader region. IDRN has established affiliate status with the Mexico City branch, which has a visiting scholar program. This program affords foreign researchers conducting studies pertaining to the socio-economic development of the region the opportunity to temporarily base themselves at CEPAL. For more information on collaboration opportunities with CEPAL, please contact our liason officer, or CEPAL–Mexico’s research coordinator, Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid.

CIESAS–Unidad Sureste Located in San Cristóbal de las Casas, in Chiapas, Mexico, CIESAS Unidad Sureste is one of several academic units of the Centre for Advanced Research and Study in Social Anthropology (CIESAS), headquartered in Mexico City. Research at CIESAS Unidad Sureste focuses on multiple themes related to the linguistic, social, political, ecological and religious diversity present in Mexico’s far south, and in wider Central America.  These include social history, linguistics, health, religion, politics and the environment. CIESAS Unidad Sureste hosts a small but vibrant community of students from Mexico, Europe, and both North and South America. CIESAS Unidad Sureste also has an established visiting scholar program, and encourages students and post-doctoral fellows to come and share in campus life while conducting research in the area. For more information on opportunities to work with CIESAS, please contact our liason officer, or CIESAS’ Dr. Jose Luis Escalona Victoria.

Agricultural and Organic Farming Group of India (AOFG) | Zameen Organic
AOFG India is a New Delhi-based NGO concerned with increasing the cultivation of rain fed and hill-slope farming in areas populated by small, marginal, landless and indigenous communities. They provide motivation, education, training and capacity building of the resource poor in organic agriculture. AOFG India seeks the empowerment and organization of women and the rural poor, the promotion of traditional knowledge and participatory joint actions among the stakeholders. Furthering the model of it its cotton-centered affiliate, Zameen Organic, AOFG works to help disadvantaged producers form ‘farmer limiteds’ that enable increased profit-sharing and more equitable access to markets. Director E.M. Koshy welcomes researchers from IDRN and elsewhere to study and engage with the communities his NGO works to empower. Please contact either our liason officer or Mr. Koshy, for more information.

University of Mumbai–Department of Economics
The University of Mumbai’s Economics department is a long-established centre for development studies in the Indian subcontinent. In addition to its renowned faculty, working on diverse development-related issues, from slum studies to agriculture, it also has a vibrant graduate student community. IDRN has recently established links with this department, which we envision expanding into collaborations and research exchanges as IDRN grows. Please contact our liason officer, or University of Mumbai’s Dr. Abhay Pethe, for more information on this new affiliation, and potential collaborations.