UBC Faculty Involved in ID Research


John Barker
Research Interests: The interface between local and global religion; the impact of international environmental organizations on indigenous peoples; the Maisin people of Papua New Guinea; Christianity in Oceania in the colonial period and present.
Gaston Gordillo
Research Interests: The making of places; spatial memory; subjectivities of historical experiences of domination/accomodation/resistance; Guarani land claims in northwest Argentina.
Vinay Kamat
Research Interests: Medical anthrolopogy, Global health; India and Tanzania; cultural politics of primary health care; self medication; historical-cultural aspects of malaria resurgence; structural adjustment and marginalized people.
Shaylih Muehlmann
Research Interests: The intersections between environmental conflict, language and identity; experiences of transnational water conflict in Mexico; drug trafficking.


Siwan Anderson
Research Interests: Development Economics; Applied Microeconomics; Economics of Gender; property rights.
Mukesh Eswaran
Research Interests: Economic Development; gender in economic issues; applied microeconomic theory.
Patrick Francois
Research Interests: Development Economics; non-profit organizations; norms and institutions; political economy.
Giovanni Gallipoli
Research Interests: Macroeconomics; Labour Economics; skill dispersion and trade flows.
Viktoria Hnatkovska
Research Interests: International finance; Macroeconomics; applied econonometrics and computational methods; India.
Hiroyuki Kasahara
Research Interests: Econometrics; international trade; Macroeconomics.
Ashok Kotwal
Research Interests: Development economics; globalization; India.
Amartya Lahiri
Research Interests: International macroeconomics; economic growth and development; exchange rates and monetary policy.
Nisha Malhotra
Research Interests: Trade; development and health; nutrition; India, Zambia.

Earth and Ocean Sciences

Roger Beckie
Research Interests: Groundwater Hydrology, Geotechnical Engineering; Arsenic in the Bengal Basin; drainage from mine waste rock in Peru.
Craig Hart
Research Interests: Economic Geology; exploration research in Peru & China.


Rashid Sumaila
Research Interests: Bioeconomics; marine ecosystem valuation; analysis of global issues such as subsidies, illegal fishing; Namibia, Southern African region, Ghana, West African region, Hong Kong, South China Sea.
Daniel Pauly
Research Interests: Policies mitigating the impact of fisheries on the world’s marine ecosystems; previous work at the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management in the Philippines.
Tony Pitcher
Research Interests: Restoration ecology for oceans; modeling and policy evaluation; rapid appraisal.
Amanda Vincent
Research Interests: Marine conservation; marine resource extraction; MPAs and zoning; subsistence fisheries management; community-based coastal resource management, South East Asia; marine trade and policy.
Carl Walters
Research Interests: Modeling; teaching assessment; sustainable management.
Ratana Chuenpagdee (Associated Faculty)
Research Interests: Fisheries and ocean governance; resource sustainability and community development; integrated coastal management; ecosystem-based management; communicating science to policy-makers and the public; Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, Namibia, South Africa.


Peter Arcese
Research Interests: Biodiversity monitoring in African wildlife reserves; adaptive management and monitoring of rare species and ecosystems; conservation area design.
Gary Q. Bull
Research Interests: Economics and policy; forest and timber markets in Asia; ecosystem service markets in Afghanistan, China, Mozambique, Uganda.
David H. Cohen
Research Interests: Sustainability, business, and globalization; China’s impact on global markets for wood products.
Sumeet Gulati
Research Interests: Environmental impacts of international trade; optimal management of natural resources for sustainable economic development.
John L. Innes
Research Interests: Sustainable forest management, China; factors influencing aboriginal groups’ capacity to practice sustainable forest management; socio-economic indicators of sustainable forest management.
Hamish Kimmins (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Forest ecology; sustainability of managed forests; modelling forest ecosystems; current projects in Thailand & China.
Robert A. Kozak
Research Interests: Forest-dependent communities; poverty alleviation; forest certification and corporate social responsibility; marketing, management and consumer behaviour; current projects in West Africa, HIV-affected households in Africa.
Stephen J. Mitchell
Research Interests: Silviculture systems; riparian zone management; recovery of mangrove ecosystems following hurricanes; windthrow hazard mapping.


Karen Bakker
Research Interests: Political economy, political ecology, environment, development, resource and environmental management; water governance.
Simon Donner
Research Interests: Climate change and coral reefs in the central equatorial pacific; obstacles to public education about climate change; how climate and land use influence hydrology and nutrient cycling in large watersheds or river basins; trade-offs between food, feed and fuel production.
David Edgington
Research Interests: Economic geography in Japan and the Pacific Rim; trade and investment patterns; urban planning; environmental challenges in China and problems surrounding e-waste.
Jim Glassman
Research Interests: Industrial transformation, transformation of labour, industrialization, and social struggle around these processes, in countries of the Global South; he formation of regional business networks in East and South East Asia during the Cold War, focusing on the Philippines, South Korea and Thailand.
Derek Gregory
Research Interests: Political geography, historical geography; modern war in the Middle East, focusing on Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq.
Brian Klinkenberg
Research Interests: Biogeography and GIS; application of spatial analysis to areas such as health and medical biogeography, conservation biology, immigration, and land use; GIS modelling for emergency planning; applied modelling projects in Mongolia and the Serengeti.
Michele Koppes
Research Interests: Geomorphology; glacier processes, glaciated landscapes, and the landscape response to climate change; projects in Patagonia, western Greenland, the northwest Himalaya, the Antarctic Peninsula, and central Asia.
Philippe Le Billon
Research Interests: Political geography; links between natural resources and armed conflict; political economy of war and reconstruction; geographies of violence; governance of extractive sectors; corruption; with a focus on South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Jamie Peck
Research Interests: Economic geography; political economy; urban and regional restructuring, e.g. global suburbanization; policymaking and statecraft; labor studies, e.g. outsourcing expertise; neoliberalization; governance;
Juanita Sundberg
Research Interests: Feminist geography; political ecology; environmental dimensions of US border security policies in the US-Mexico borderlands; other previous projects in Latin America.
Terry McGee (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Urban geography; the sustainability of Asian mega-regions; South East Asia.
Tim Oke (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Climatology; urban climate, and the energy and water balances of cities.
Alf Siemens (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Cultural and regional geography; cultural-historical geography of Mesoamerican tropical lowlands; the impact of agricultural globalization.

Institute of Asian Research (IAR)

Abidin Kusno
Research Interests: Architectural and urban history; sociology, anthropology, visual cultures, history, and politics; historical and contemporary conditions of urban politics and city life in Indonesia; the roles of cities in shaping the political cultures of decolonization, nation building, and development.
Kyung-Ae Park
Research Interests: North and South Korean politics; US-Korea relations; gender and development; politics and development.
Tsering Shakya
Research Interests: Tibet; modern literature and resistance in Tibet; the Cultural Revolution and Millenarianism Movement in Nyemo, central Tibet.
Julian Dierkes
Research Interests: Sociology of education; education in Mongolia; East Asian corporations; natural resource regulation and economic development; mining policy; construction of markets in developing countries.
Pitman B. Potter
Research Interests: Law and policy in the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan; foreign trade and investment; dispute resolution; intellectual property; contracts; business regulation; human rights.

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Richard Barichello
Research Interests: Economics; global food markets; capitalization of government program benefits; quota systems and quota markets; trade, effects of agricultural policy instruments; industrial and agricultural policy reform in South East Asian countries; economics of raw material export bans.
Tim Green
Research Interests: Nutrition, vitamins; folic acid and the prevention of birth defects; consequences of high homocysteine; assessment of vitamin D status in various population groups; Asia.
Carol McAusland
Research Interests: Globalization and provision of goods; environmental impacts of international trade; implications of skilled labour migration for global provision of public goods.
Judy McLean
Research Interests: Global problems in food and nutrition, including the political, social and cultural factors underlying malnutrition; culturally appropriate nutrition intervention programs; maternal and child nutrition; micronutrients and development issues; Rwanda, Cambodia.
Alejandro Rojas
Research Interests: Food system sustainability, food security, food sovereignty; environmental sociology and ecological anthropology; participatory learning and research; institutional adaptations to climate change; environmental conflict; local environmental sustainability in Latin America.
Sean Smukler
Research Interests: impacts of farm management practices on plant biomass and biodiversity, soil physical and chemical properties, nutrients in water (leaching, and storm and irrigation runoff), and carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions; tradeoffs among climate change mitigation, plant biodiversity and food security in East Africa; land use and integrated rural development in southwest Haiti.

Faculty of Law

Natasha Affolder
Research Interests: Transnational environmental law; transnational contracts as a mechanism for biodiversity protection; the emergence of “international environmental standards” and their significance for transnational corporations; biodiversity protection in global mining projects.
Karin Mickelson
Research Interests: International law, environmental law, human rights; North-South dimensions of international law; international environmental law and developing countries.
Ben Perrin
Research Interests: International criminal law; international human rights and humanitarian law; human trafficking, migrant smuggling, child sexual exploitation, war criminals, and private military and security companies.
Benjamin Richardson
Research Interests: Aboriginal legal issues; corporate social responsibility; environmental law and policy; international and transnational law; socially responsible investment and its regulation to promote environmentally sustainable development; climate law and developing countries.
James Stewart
Research Interests: International criminal and humanitarian law; laws of armed conflict; international human rights; counter-terrorism; corporate criminal liability; corporate responsibility for international crimes; legal theory and the Great Lakes region of Africa.
Ian Townsend-Gault
Research Interests: International Law of the Sea; marine environmental protection; maritime co-operation; international law of human rights; international justice issues; Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

Political Science

Katharina Coleman
Research Interests: International Relations; international organizations; peacekeeping and peace enforcement; international rules, norms and legitimacy; focus on sub-Saharan Africa.
Peter Dauvergne
Research Interests: Politics of global environmental change; sustainable consumption; corporate social responsibility.
Brian Job
Research Interests: International security; the evolving security order of Asia Pacific; interstate conflict; human security; arms competition in Northeast Asia; Canadian foreign and defence policy.
Angela O’Mahony
Research Interests: International and comparative political economy; interaction of increasing international economic ties with domestic interests and institutional economic decision making.
Richard Price
Research Interests: International relations; the role of norms in world politics, particularly in warfare; constructivist international relations theory; normative international relations theory; the politics of international law.
Allen Sens
Research Interests: International relations; international security; armed conflict and conflict management; peace operations and peacebuilding; Canadian foreign and defence policy.
Lisa Sundstrom
Research Interests: International relations and comparative politics; democratization; human rights; the politics of international democracy assistance; and NGO activism; comparative climate policy; Russia and the former Soviet Union.
Yves Tiberghien
Research Interests: Comparative political economy; financial regulation; corporate governance; genetically-engineered foods; politics of climate change; China and global governance; the impact of globalization on domestic politics; China, Korea.

School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP)

Leonora Angeles
Research Interests: Gender; community; international development planning; national and international women’s organizations; poverty reduction; social capital; good governance in participatory development projects; participatory action research; qualitative methods; Brazil, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries.
Peter Boothroyd (Emeritus)Research Interests: Community-based planning; urban policy; impact assessment; community development; Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil.
John Friedmann (Honourary Prof)
Research Interests: International development and planning; Latin America, China.
Penny Gurstein
Research Interests: planning for equitable and healthy communities in the North and South; technology, work and society; building resilient communities; ‘climate justice’; policy research; qualitative methods; participatory planning; capacity building.
Michael Leaf
Research Interests: Analysis and planning for societies in urban transitions; infrastructure and urban environments in developing countries; urbanization and capacity building; Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka.
William Rees (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Ecological economics (the originator of ‘ecological footprint analysis’); resource allocation and distribution; global change and the dynamics of societal collapse.
Jinhua Zhao
Research Interests: Transportation planning; economics and policy; urban development and planning in China; information technology and public transportation.

School of Population and Public Health (SPPH)

Charles Larson
Research Interests: Acute care interventions in Uganda; health systems & scaling-up of zinc for treatment of acute childhood diarrhea in developing countries; pediatric post sepsis shock survival in Uganda; capacity building for childhood epilepsy and cerebral palsy in Guangzhou, China.
Richard Mathias
Research Interests: Clubfoot correction, maternal and newborn mortality in Uganda; Metabolic syndrome epidemic and low carbohydrate diets; Transmission of HIV/HTLV I/II.
Maureen Mayhew
Research Interests: Refugee health; rural and remote health; maternal & child health; primary care; global health; health systems in Afghanistan.
David Patrick
Research Interests: Epidemiology and infectious disease; HIV prevention in Africa; institution and evaluation of programs to control antimicrobial misuse and curb antibiotic resistance.
Jean Shoveller
Research Interests: Inequities in youth sexual health; rural and northern youth; CIDA project in Brazil.
Jerry Spiegel
Research Interests: Effects of globalization on health; ecosystem approaches to human health; understanding and addressing influences of physical and social environments on health; global health and human security; economic evaluation of interventions; health and equity in Latin America.
Patricia Spittal
Research Interests: Sexual and drug related harms associated with injection drug use; special social and cultural vulnerabilities faced by women in extremely high risk contexts, including the sex trade, in Uganda; addressing HIV/AIDS prevention programming needs of children affected by civil strife, including child soldiers.
Annalee Yassi
Research Interests: Empowering workforces and communities regarding determinants of their health; collaborative efforts to reduce the spread of HIV, TB and other infectious disease in the healthcare workforce; Latin America, South Africa.

Sauder School of Business – ISIS Research Centre

James Tansey
Research Interests: Social enterprise; climate change; social impacts and acceptability of new technologies; the role of public consultation in the governance of industrial societies, industrial ecology, scenario methods and climate change; emerging international markets for carbon exchange; solutions to neglected diseases; strategic corporate social responsibility.


Jennifer Jihye Chun
Research Interests: Dynamics of power, inequality and social change under global capitalism; economic and political shifts associated with transnational flows of labour, capital and goods; the changing world of work and politics for individuals employed on the bottom rungs of the labour market; race, migration and transnationalism.
Amy Hanser
Research Interests: Culture and markets; inequality; gender; consumption; service work; China; consumption and inequality in China; culture and social change in Chinese marketplaces.
Yunshik Chang (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Korean society; development and underdevelopment.
Tissa Fernando (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Ethnic and race relations; social inequality, South Asia, sociology of development.
Graham Johnson (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Chinese society; development and underdevelopment.
Robert Ratner (Emeritus)
Research Interests: Critical criminology; social movements; genocide; mediation and restorative justice; deliberative democracy; long-term group interaction.

Women’s and Gender Studies

Erin Baines
Research Interests: Gender and armed conflict; humanitarianism; youth and children and armed conflict; transitional justice; ethics of research in conflict areas; northern Uganda.
Leila Harris
Research Interests: Water politics & governance; nature-society; developmental and environmental issues in the Global South; gender, ethnicity & social difference; environmental politics/citizenship/subjectivity; nationalism, ethnographies of the state, and gendered citizenship; Turkey and the Middle East; South Africa and Ghana; critical cartography, protected areas, and more-than-human worlds.