IDRN Conference 2011: Student Participants

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Student Participants

1. Registration and Networking Lunch

2. Required Preparation


Registration will start at 11:30am in the Liu Institute lobby on May 10th. Participants are invited to bring a lunch and join other participants and experienced researchers and practitioners for an informal networking lunch at the Liu. A conference welcome will start at 1pm in the Liu Multi-Purpose Room. If you arrive late and registration has been closed, please follow the signs to the IDRN Conference Office on the second floor of the Liu Institute.


There are three advanced preparation assignments for all conference participants. They should not take long to complete. The Research Title and Summary Slide was due April 10th. Please attach these to an email and send it to These materials will be made available to all conference participants online prior to the conference through a wiki site hosted by UBCWiki. We encourage you to get to know other participants prior to arriving at the conference through this wiki – more details to follow! The Research Portfolio Presentation is due May 10th, when you arrive at the conference. Please have your presentation saved to a flash drive so that everyone in your group can share the same laptop to present.

Research Title – due APRIL 10th
Please provide a title that describes your research interests. This title can be general, describing your interests and what you think you will study if you are only just starting your degree, or quite specific, if you are nearing the completion of your thesis and have a formal thesis title. It should be no longer than 15 words.

Summary Slide – due APRIL 10th
One Power Point slide that summarizes your research. Please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your department and school
  • Your degree program
  • Your Research Title (see above)
  • Additional summary information about your research – keywords, the three sentence summary you put on your application, a photo, etc.

Please remember to keep text on your slides concise and informative!

Research Portfolio Presentation – due May 10th, when you arrive at the conference
A presentation that summarizes your research, where you are at in your project, and any specific questions or challenges you would like feedback on. You will have 10-12 minutes to present, followed by 8-10 minutes of discussion and feedback with your Portfolio Review group. Please ensure your presentation includes the following:

  • Background information on the research problem
  • What is your general subject area? Are you interested in a particular region of the world?
  • What are the dimensions of the broad problem that you are interested in? Why is it a problem? Who is affected?
  • Please provide enough information that people outside your immediate field of study can follow your presentation
  • Summary of where you are at in your research program
  • Are you: Defining your topic area? Narrowing down your research questions? Designing your research project? Applying for ethics approval? Analysing data? Writing your thesis? Etc….
  • 1-3 specific challenges or questions on which you need feedback
  • e.g. You could present your research questions for feedback, you could present your proposed methodology for feedback, you could ask how you could make your research more policy-relevant or more useful to practitioners, you could workshop a paper outline, you could ask for feedback on how you are presenting your topic background, you could ask for dissemination ideas, etc.

Please ensure your presentation respects the time limit – you will not get extra time if your presentation runs over. This is an opportunity for you to get some fresh perspectives and input into your thesis. We encourage you to be creative and take advantage of the expertise that will be in your PR group to make your research better!