Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson is a PhD candidate, Liu Scholar, and Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. She is supervised by Dr. Zerriffi at the Liu Institute, with Kai Chan and Sean Smuckler from Land and Food Systems on her committee. Broadly, her interests lie in sustainable rural development. Her current research combines approaches from the social and natural sciences to study social-ecological system outcomes and consequences for sustainability when small farmers in developing countries participate in global coordinated food and environmental service markets. She will be studying empirical cases of market participation in Costa Rica and Mexico funded by the Liu Institute Bottom Billion Fund and the International Development Research Council.

Emily holds an MA in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from UBC (2010), where she studied the effects of carbon credit generation on development outcomes of small farmers tree planting projects in Uganda, and a BSc in Environmental Science from Mount Allison University (2004). Her professional experience includes development work with both rural and urban communities in Canada, Uganda, Angola, Costa Rica and Honduras, and teaching at camps, at the Royal Ontario Museum and on UBC Farm. Emily is also currently involved with other researchers working on rural development, environmental services and social-ecological systems with the Zerriffi Research Group, and CHANS lab. She is also a Research Fellow of the Earth System Governance Research Network, and recently led a review on the impacts of Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation on local communities for the Responsive Forest Governance Initiative. Emily has a passion for growing things, and recently started a community garden with a colleague at IRES outside the AERL building.

Committee: Hisham Zerriffi, Liu Institute for Global Issues (supervisor); Kai Chan, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability; Sean Smuckler, Land and Food Systems


Anderson, E.K. & Zerriffi, H. 2012. Seeing the trees for the carbon: agroforestry for development and climate mitigation. Climatic Change: 115(3-4):741-757. DOI: 10.1007/s10584-012-0456-y

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Anderson, E.K. 2010. Can planting trees bring co-benefits? Smallholder tree-planting for development and carbon mitigation. MA dissertation. Vancouver, BC: The University of British Columbia.