Winter course: Development in Theory and Practice

New course likely of interest to IDRN members…


*New course, Term 2, IAR 515, Development in Theory and Practice, Wednesdays 2-5pm, CK Choi Building, Room 120*

Curious about how international development works at the grassroots level? And how it doesn’t work? About how international organizations and local communities find common ground in their definitions of “progress”? How inequalities are addressed and exacerbated through the process of delivering “aid”? How states, the private sector, and NGOs work together to develop shared agendas? How social science can help us understand these complex dynamics?

IAR 515, Development in Theory and Practice, is a new course that explores these questions from a critical social science perspective. Taught by UBC anthropologist Sara Shneiderman, the course considers a range of theories and ethnographic case studies of specific development projects. The course focuses on Asian case studies (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China (Tibet), Indonesia), but has a global scope, with readings also addressing Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates with previous relevant experience, this will be a small once-a-week seminar shaped by in-depth student participation. Undergraduates must meet the following criteria: “Students must have completed at least 75% (normally equivalent to 36 credits) of the 300 and 400 level courses required for their bachelor degree, and must have a minimum overall average of 76% (B+) in their completed 300 and 400 level courses.”

*All students who wish to register must email for assistance*.

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