Call for Papers on ‘Climate Change and Sustainable Development’

If you are involved in research or work in sustainable development as it is related to responding and adapting to Climate Change, this is for you!

The Centre for Research Planning and Development is hosting a National Seminar on ‘Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges’ on January 23-24, 2o13.

For this conference, they are calling for papers that focus on Climate Change mitigation and adaptation measures in developing countries, those less resilient to the upcoming climate change risks.  The key focus areas of the conference are: Agriculture and Food Security, Water, Energy, Trade, Infrastructure, Urban Planning and Transport system, Gender Issues and Employment. Papers are invited from the academicians, policy makers and technologists in Economics, Law, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Work, Civil engineering and Architecture.

The first deadline is the submission of the Abstract on Oct 30th, and the submission deadline for the full paper is Dec 15th.

For more information see the invitation file below:

NATIONAL SEMINAR Climate Change and Sust Devtelopment Jan 2013

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