The winners of ‘The IDRN Development Challenge’ move the project forward

The winners of the 2012 Development Challenge, Nuheen and Sami, are making their concept into a reality! They are now applying for the Grand Challenges Canada to start it off and they need our support.

What is the project about? Their project for social development is aimed at the most marginalized people of Bangladesh: the waste collectors, also known as dalits or harijon, who live in inhuman conditions in direct contact with waste. In collaboration with the Grameen Shakti, the leading renewable energy institution in Bangladesh, the pilot phase of a social business project is being set up. This will test the feasibility of using agricultural and human waste to produce biogas and subsequently electricity. The profits will go towards changing the inhumane working conditions of the sweepers of Bangladesh.

How can we help? Your one vote will make this project from BANGLADESH win $100k to start a pilot program that can change the life of those people who keep our country clean!



1. Go to

2. Click “login” on top

3. Register (for institution, put your university or work place)

4. Check your email account for verification email

5. Once you are logged in, go back to the link in (1) and click “like this application”!


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