Undergraduate Representative Position OPEN

In response to high demand for greater undergraduate participation in the IDRN, we have created this position. The IDRN is a graduate research network and the role of the undergraduate representative will be to connect the graduate network to the wider undergraduate audience at UBC. This is a voluntary unpaid position that will expose you to an interdisciplinary graduate environment with people who share a strong interest in international development issues. The main role of this position is to maintain good communication with undergraduate members and clubs/associations and to provide an undergraduate perspective in planning events in order to to make them relevant and useful for the undergraduate community.  This is an unpaid volunteer position.


As much as possible, the Undergraduate Representative will:

– Attend IDRN meetings and events;

– Communicate IDRN events to undergraduate members, and maintain an active relationship with undergraduate clubs and associations (i.e., Represent IDRN at Club Days, promote IDRN events via social media);

– Expand undergraduate participation.


The ideal candidate should:

– Demonstrate a genuine interest in development theory and practice;

– Be motivated and committed to the work assigned;

– Have experience with public relations and outreach;

– Prior experience as an executive in UBC clubs and associations is a strong asset.

TO APPLY send Cover Letter to idrn.ubc@gmail.com by April 30th.

Here is the Undergraduate Representative position Poster.




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