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December 2, 2009   2 Comments

Eveline’s Elevator Pitch & Venture Pitch

Sorry for the delay, I forgot to post my pitch after submitting it through email.

Here is my fictional pitch for an online teacher training program.

To provide individuals interested in the teaching field but not able to commit to a full teaching degree, the fully online teacher training course (with a serious game component and various multimedia) will allow individuals to “test run” being a teacher while getting a TEFL certificate upon successful completion of a 1-2 month program.

The online program allows participants to contribute any time, anywhere.

Both pitches are available in the media gallery.  (on top, click Media, and then Library, and it will be there).

EYu – Assignment 3 – Elevator Pitch

EYu – Assignment 3 – Venture Pitch

If you want, contact me at, and I can email them to you as well.



December 2, 2009   11 Comments