Thanks Everyone and Goodbye MET!

Hi David squared and everyone,

Thanks for a really interesting course. I learned all kinds of new things and really enjoyed all of the activities and discussions, as well as perusing people’s pitches! I wish I had money to invest, because I think some of you have come up with some really great ideas!

I’ve just handed in the final version of my eportfolio for 590, so it seems that this is it for me! Three years of hard work and I must admit that I’m feeling a little adrift – it’ll be weird not to start each day by logging on to Vista or some other course platform! For those who haven’t yet taken 590 and are curious, feel free to have a look at my eportfolio. I used a platform called (another great tech business!) that offers free flash web sites.

For those who are not finishing up, best of luck on future courses and have a great holiday break!



December 4, 2009   12 Comments

Best Wishes to All!

Hello David Vogt, David Porter, and Fellow Course Mates:

I think this is it! I think this our official last day! It has been an informative and educational journey.

Indeed, you and this course have provided me with a wealth of knowledge for which I am grateful.

Indeed, I wish the best for everyone. Perhaps I will ‘see’ some of you in January 2010 when our next courses ‘kick off’.

In closing, this course has been a great learning experience for me.



December 4, 2009   2 Comments