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Eye Tracking

My husband works for Enquiro and they do market strategies for search engines.  The are a small Kelowna, BC company but all of their business is large US corporation and the major search engine players.  The recent reading by Bolter and Kress made me think of the connections to what this company has to offer.  One line of Enquio’s business is eye-tracking research – they capture where people look on a screen and create an image of it.  I have taken part in these studies and have seen the images of where by eyes have looked.  Very interesting technology and very powerful for the company’s to utilize.  If you are interested take a look.

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1 Ashley Jones { 11.08.09 at 3:05 am }

I can see how powerful these studies would be for developers of not only seach engines but also websites. Its interesting how some aspects of the screen I am drawn to (and not just the flashing, moving things!) and how others I don’t even notice at all (I guess thats what they mean by ‘banner blindness’).

Thanks for sharing Sarah!

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