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Please visit my blog when you get a chance.  I started it around the same time I started this course and the MET program.  It’s been my place to experiment with different software and understand the world of blogging. I don’t blog frequently enough but that may change over time.  What I particularly like is having links to other blogs or sites that are important to me.

I guess what I find hardest about blogging is trying to keep a balance between my private and professional self.  I want to give my colleagues a glimpse of my interests and skills but I don’t want to share myself with the world.  Hopefully you will discover me a little bit at


1 Clare Roche { 11.12.09 at 5:48 pm }

Dear Catherine,
I have the opposite problem, my blog is all work and no sign of me. If you have time I would welcome your comments as this was my first semester that I used blogs with all my classes.
Take care,

2 Natalie Giesbrecht { 11.13.09 at 7:35 am }

Hi Catherine,

I think you are right to caution against putting too much personal info on your blog. Check out my Lost and Found in the Digital Age post. The news clip highlights our need to pay attention to our digital footprint.

I think you will thoroughly enjoy ETEC*565. The course will give you experience with creating a blog and regularly posting it. You will need to create a blog dedicated to course though – so you can’t add to the one you already have. The course was my first real foray into blogging. At first I didn’t really see how it would be relevant to me but by the end of course everytime I came across some resources that was relevant and neat I couldn’t wait to post it!

As for core courses, I would start taking some in your third semester. I found that these provided an essential foundation for discussing technology, education, theory and practice. I particularly enjoyed ETEC*510 and ETEC*512 as there are some really interesting activities in each.

All the best,

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