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from mash up to mad

SoI had this great idea of mashing up the same song by two different artists, Tom Waits doing his song ‘Long Way Home’ and Norah Jones doing her version of the same song.  I worked at it for quite a while, then thought, o.k. that’s long enough I’ll post what I’ve got.  Unfortunately, after all that time the security wouldn’t allow it.  Gee was I happy.  So instead I’m going to follow John’s lead and  post something that I did last summer for another class.  I like it better than the resulting song that i got anyway, it was a bit rough and the transitions weren’t quite as smooth as i would have liked.  You can find the PhotoPeach story  here . (Make sure your speakers are on)

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1 Jeff Miller { 11.29.09 at 9:54 am }

Hi Jim,

I’m sorry to hear that you ran into this problem with your mashup! When you refer to security not letting you post the files, are you referring to the DRM on the music files you were using or on the site upon which you wanted to post things? There have been many stories in the last few years about sites like YouTube taking down videos that contain copyrighted music/video content.

I’ve had similar experiences with local projects using, I think, iPhoto, when I wanted to use some DRM music to accompany a slide-show I was building.

When I encounter these kinds of restrictions, I am reminded of the value of all of the creative commons resources that are increasingly available. Of course, this does not help when you want a specific song, but DRM need not stand in the way of creativity. I’m very interested in seeing how many recording artists are now releasing their music in a format that allows remix. This will certainly lead to some new creative engagement with their music.


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