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funny sings

I choose this photo because it reflects my sense of humor. I think the sign does a marvelous job at getting the correct point across whilst adding humor to the message; I’m a believer of trying to instill humor into my life and the lives of others around me as much as possible. Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time and the ability to laugh is important to learn, it’s what separates us from the animals (also, the ability to weasel out of things is important to learn, it’s what separates us from the animals …… except the weasel – Homer Simpson, 1999).

About me, I’ an UBC graduate that is teaching at Mission Secondary School as the Information Technology Teacher; I teach Desktop Publishing 11, Information Technology 11/12, Yearbook 11/12 as well I am the Tech Support for my school and department head. In addition to that I also serve on the District Technology committee for Mission Public School District. I also run a course for the University of the Fraser Valley through my school that started in February 2010; this may open up further career opportunities for me.

I choose this course because the changes from tradition text to multi-media text intrigues me; I have used many multi-media forms of text including blogs, social networks, forums, online articles, wikis and RSS. I look forward to this course as I have found all of my courses that I’ve taken in the MET program very useful in my teaching/personal practices. Every course has offered me new ways to think about technology. I am excited to help create a class weblog as I just completed on for ETEC 565A and thoroughly enjoyed the process. This and ETEC 590 are my last courses and I’m looking at doing a weblog for my e Portfolio; even though I have already started a website for this, I’m loving the concept of the weblog.

I look forward to working and creating with you all this semester………my last one!!!

Scot Alexander

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  1. Angela Novoa says:

    Hi Scot,

    I totally agree with you. Sharing ideas by reflecting a sense of humor allows to prevail in time. As you, I feel that every course has expanded my knowledge about education and my skills on managing different technologies. Are you planning to graduate on May 2012? I am taking my two last MET courses and hoping to graduate next spring and to meet face-to-face some of the colleagues I have work with during the program.



    • Hey Angela & Scot

      Great to be here with you. 565 was really rewarding and it sets the tone for what we are about to take on now. I am planning on graduating in May 2012 too so I hope to meet you guys. I do hope we will have a great time interacting and learning together.


  2. Steph says:


    Just out of curiosity, did you have a tech background/degree before doing your BEd? Nice to meet you!


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